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Legendary New Zealand-born speedway rider Ivan Mauger has sadly passed away at the age of 78, leaving behind a win record and level of respect that is only attached to the true greats.

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Top Tips For The Yamaha Yz125
1 Jet it right. The motor is very sensitive to change and can slip to the lean side easily with any change. If you run any after-market pipe, silencer, reedblock or cylinder porting then you will need to make changes. Stock: 45 pilot / 43-73 needle o
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Yo, Japan… Where You At?
Having recently gone to the separate world launches of the 2020 KTM, Husqvarna and Sherco enduro ranges, I came away with two overriding thoughts. One was just how impressive the model ranges were and how good we have it right now in terms of the qua
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2009 Honda Crf450r
What does it run like? Honda has always had a great 450 engine. It hasn’t been the most powerful, or the most aggressive, but it’s had a good spread of responsive, well-placed power across the entire rev range. For 2009, the EFI engine is more respon