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Gumtree Racer
Growing up riding and racing motorcycles as a child, I cast my mind back to a memory of my adolescent self, face pressed hard against the mesh fence spanning the perimeter of the Coolum Pines motocross track. It was the King brothers that day who bat
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2012 Beta 350rr
It’s not a stretch to say Beta isn’t the most recognisable name in off-road bikes. In trials the name looms large, but for trailriders the name is a weak signal lost in the noise of the big five. We spent a day in the wilderness with Trailrider magaz
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Blue Evolution
Yamaha has been busy developing a long list of changes for its premier-class MX weapon, the YZ450F. While it’s not claimed to be an all-new bike, the changes are much more than bold new graphics, that’s for sure. We had the chance to spend a day on t