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How successful was your 2018 gardening? If you cropped veg, fruit or flowers, or cut grass, you’ll have harvested (or, some would say, mined) the soil. Winter is the time to nurture, heal and prepare it for a new season. Join with fellow gardeners or allotmenteers to buy

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Roots fork, are twisted or stunted. HOW TO CONTROL: Avoid freshly manuring soil just before sowing, or sowing in soil that is very stony or compacted. Manure in autumn for spring sowing; dig over soil and remove stones if necessary. The roots devel
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Happiness Is A Productive Plot
We bought a massive polytunnel and put that up in February. I don’t know how we lived without it. It’s making life so much easier and I’m growing lots of things from seed for transplanting that would usually have been at home in the greenhouses. Beca
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Meet The Real World Wide Web
Many experts believe that through the overuse of chemical fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides and heavy tillage we have unwittingly devastated those soil organisms essential to plant health. These soil microorganisms, particularly bacteria and fungi,