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Mountfield has been one of the UK’s leading lawnmower manufacturers for more than 50 years and its lawnmowers, lawn tractors and garden care products all share a reputation for outstanding quality

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Regarded by discerning cooks as the ‘true shallot’ and also known as the French grey shallot, this long bulb species (Allium oschaninii) originally grew wild in Central Asia. A purplish pink flesh (and a grey skin) is a feature along with a fine stro
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Meet The Real World Wide Web
Many experts believe that through the overuse of chemical fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides and heavy tillage we have unwittingly devastated those soil organisms essential to plant health. These soil microorganisms, particularly bacteria and fungi,
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October Tips
■ As squashes and cucumbers finish, it’s a good idea to clear them out straightaway and add the long growth to the compost heap. This not only helps with the autumn clear-up, it helps prevent fungal diseases developing and gets rid of any aphids and