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On The Plot With The 3 Mudketeers
So what have the Muddies been up to this month? Steve, blindfolded? Four cherry tomatoes and a very hot chilli? What’s going on? Ah well, Steve was a willing victim (or was he?) for a little tomato tasting – four varieties: ‘Montello’, ‘Rosella’, ‘Sw
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Is An Oversized Courgette A Marrow?
Clearly there is a difference of opinion on this. It is a fact many British gardeners have always called their oversized courgettes ‘marrows’. It isn’t surprising as the vegetable marrow (as it was traditionally called) has been an important vegetabl
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What The Volunteers Say
Liam Holland, 24, from Rawcliffe, East Yorkshire, has Asperger’s and has been with the team for three years. Before joining, Liam was at a very low point in his life. “I was not in a good place. I had no confidence and I felt very much on my own and