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With 35 UK bee species in danger of extinction marketing agency has created a new website to highlight the importance of bees and what they provide the environment:

The company has.

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Here are some simple ideas for managing your greenhouse this winter. A greenhouse or polytunnel can be used to keep more tender plants protected through the winter. Some fruit will benefit from protection and these include young potted fig trees, ne
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Making A Wildlife Hotel
One of my favourite wildlife havens also helps to solve the problem of what to do with all of those really twiggy bits of prunings if you don’t have a shredder. I make a slow compost heap, designed to break down over several years, which doubles as a
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Weedkiller Woes
This year an increasing number of gardeners have reported that their plants and seedlings produced severely distorted growth or were even wiped out. Photographs shared on social media showed the twisted leaves and growing shoots typical of contaminat