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Fungi foraging can be daunting to a beginner. Britain is home to a vast variety (perhaps seven times as many species as there are plants) and some of them are deadly. In many cases, identification isn’t easy (even for experienced mushroom-hunters). Going foraging with an expert doesn’t always help – some of my students, especially when the fungi are plentiful, are so overwhelmed that they are even more cautious at the end of the session than they were at the beginning. For most people, though,

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Kitchen Garden5 min read
A Moving Experience
Maybe it’s a man thing, but I love my wheelbarrow. It could be the shiny silver body and frame, the soft grip handles, puncture-free tyre and brightly coloured wheel – the garden equivalent of a car that gets the same juices flowing (or maybe I’m jus
Kitchen Garden4 min read
Pass The Parsley
Parsley is a must-have herb in our kitchen and is a permanent resident in our garden along with rosemary, mint and bay. It is possible to have it fresh all year round with virtually no effort at all, as we shall see. There are several types available
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New Catalogues
Request your FREE new season catalogue from D T Brown. New for 2020 are more than 30 seed varieties as well as many exclusives including ‘D T Brown’s Plant Tonic,’ a specially formulated blend proven to benefit your whole plot. They offer a wide rang