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Established in 1924, this company specialises in growing old-fashioned, traditional varieties in a time-honoured way. Whereas brassica plants are generally grown in modules under glass or in polytunnels as hybrid varieties, these are bare-rooted, heritage varieties pulled from the field. Bare-rooted plants are grown and pulled at a larger size when a good

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Garden Store Plus Subscriber Savers
The robust and lightweight five-in-one Dirt Buddy planting tool from Grumpy Gardener can help you with many tasks in the garden, such as cutting fibrous roots, slicing open compost sacks, transplanting delicate seedlings, undertaking precision weedin
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Buy A Bed
If you prefer to buy your raised beds there are many out there to choose from. Here is just a selection. The Raised Bed and Pond Company sells a great range of beds in various sizes. They are built using 150mm by 22mm (6 x8/10in) timbers with the cor
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On The Plot With The 3 Mudketeers
Sometimes you bite off a little more than you can chew. Case in point, these potatoes grown in a rather large sack. It took all three Muddies to move this one and turn it upside down, a little more work than they are used to, I can tell you. Still, a