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Given the erosion of allotment protections, the advice from seasoned campaigners and NSALG is to act to save your site before it is threatened. A thriving site with a strong community of plot-holders is much less likely to come under attack.


This, say campaigners,

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Damson Delight
Damsons, and their close relative, the little-known bullace, are a godsend to the gardener who wants to grow fruit in an unfavourable location. Live in a cold area? No problem, these trees are bone hardy. Perhaps you live in the North West, and the h
Kitchen Garden3 min readFood & Wine
On The Veg Patch
Summer lettuce varieties will usually stand well into the autumn. Bolting slows down as temperatures drop a little and there is usually enough rain to keep soil damp. Keep picking a few leaves from each plant – the flavour of summer lettuce is often
Kitchen Garden1 min read
Strong Other Root Crops
Winter roots of carrot, beetroot and parsnip are hardier than potatoes and in well-drained soils can be safely left where they are to lift as needed. Harsh cold and wet soils require a little extra attention though. Where regular hard frosts are like