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I was once told that I should sow as many courgette seeds as I think I need. Then give half the plants away and I would still have too many.

Courgettes are such a prolific crop and as much as I love them as a vegetable with my dinner, they are also brilliant for sneaking into cakes without the kids spotting and for adding moisture. A top tip if planning to use them in cakes is to grow a yellow variety. Then they are even harder for the kids to

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This saw has triple ground teeth, a non-stick blade and an easy grip, non-slip rubber handle. It comes with a holster, which can be fitted to a belt if required. Blade length: 25cm (9¾in) and comes with a 10-year guarantee. WILKINSON SWORD wilkinson
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In the summer we bought a quantity of decking timber to cover an eyesore of a concrete area at the side of our garden (initially we were going to dig it up until we discovered it was over 6in thick). After the job was done we were left with 18x20in o
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