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You really can’t beat the sweet, intense flavour of a blackberry! Eaten straight from the plant, used in a fruity jam or frozen to be used another day, the sweet and tangy flavour is wonderful! However, their sprawling habit hasn’t always been suited to gardens and fruit cages – until now! ‘Purple Opal’ is a breeding breakthrough. It’s the first variety bred specifically for patio pots and containers. The

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Do It Now
■ There’s still time to prune apple trees this month, but only if buds haven’t started to open. ■ Try to get all pruning finished by the end of the month and make sure to remove any branches that show signs of disease. ■ Buy as much potting compost a
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From Brussels With Love
A few years ago it was suggested that our love or hate of the humble sprout is genetic: it is our genes that determine if we loathe or like the distinctive taste. It is certainly true that they are a ‘Marmite’ veg, but while they remain an integral p
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In The Greenhouse
■ Providing you can maintain warm conditions in a propagator, you can start to sow tomato, pepper and aubergine seeds in small pots. ■ Continue to prepare borders by clearing old winter crops and spreading a layer of compost over the soil. ■ Sow dwar