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Talking Heritage
The new year is here and we gardeners are inundated with fantastic seed catalogues and an overwhelming number of new varieties of veg to choose from. With this in mind it’s sometimes tough deciding what to grow; after all, we know we want to grow var
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Apple Canker
In an ideal world, plants grow healthily but unfortunately pests and diseases are always ready to thwart our best endeavours. In this new series we identify a common pest or disease each month and offer advice on what you can do Apple canker Neonectr
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Bring Back Skirret!
Skirret? Hang on, wasn’t he inside left for that rugby team… or is it a small village near Halifax? Or an item of Victorian horse harness? The name sounds vaguely familiar, but you can’t place it, yet another of those ‘What’s that….’ pub quiz questio