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Stephen Graham from Alloa, Clackmannanshire

Stephen has three raised beds and rotates his crops in these. He doesn’t change the soil but does give them extra fertiliser before growing. Stephen said: “In one raised bed I would always

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Favourite Varieties
■ ‘CARCASSONNE WIGHT’: A hardneck type producing plump pink cloves. Can also be planted in the spring. (D T Brown) ■ ‘CAULK WIGHT’: Very hardy bulbs with large, easy to peel cloves. Attractive cloves with white skins striped in purple. (Kings Seeds)
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■ Small garden veggie grower and blogger ■ Bill says you don’t need an allotment to grow veg ■ Fan of raised beds ■ First-place winner in our Passionate Plotter competition last year ■ Has two allotments ■ This is only his third season growing fruit
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On The Veg Patch
There are plenty of things to harvest and eat from the garden over the next few months. If you don’t have much this year then make a note to buy seed of what you want to try and, most important of all, be sure to sow at the right time next year. Apri