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STEP 1: Young plants of summer cabbages can be planted into the garden now to grow on. If you haven’t grown your own from seed, there is still time, or very often you can buy plants from nurseries or garden centres. Plant out in ground that has been fertilised and firmed, spacing the plants about 30-45cm (12-18in) apart, depending on the type you are growing. Firm the roots and water to help settle the plants.

If cabbage root fly is a problem in your garden, it pays to protect the new plants straight away by fitting a collar around the base of the plant. This acts as a physical barrier and prevents the flies from laying eggs on the soil at the base of the stem. You can buy

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BRIDPORT POTATO DAY JANUARY 4. Bridport United Church, East Street, Bridport. Large range of seed potatoes, heritage seeds, onion sets and garlic, fruit trees and bushes; 10am-1.30pm. 01749 860039, OXFORD POTATO DAY JANUARY 5. We