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ON THE PLOT WITH THE 3 Mud keteers

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Charlotte just happens to be the name of KG’s wonderful page designer, but fortunately for her, and for the magazine of course, it’s not her the Mudketeers are planting this month. Wouldn’t be nice, would it?

No, the Muds have each chosen a different container and are planting one ‘Charlotte’ seed potato to see who can produce the best yield. So why not join them? See their advice below!

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ONE TO TRY... Biological Controls
It is a good time of year to apply these controls as the temperature of the air and soil is increasing. There are several on the market controlling a variety of pests and they are basically a concentrated dose of naturally occurring nematode predator
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Stringing Up Tomatoes
1 To grow climbers up a string, make a hole with a trowel to the depth of the pot. 2 Place the end of the string in the hole. Tie a knot to keep the string in place. 3 Pop the tomato plant into the hole, ensuring that the string remains underneat