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Most gardeners want a greenhouse – it extends the season and provides extra warmth and shelter to tender plants. This far north, though, they have limitations. In winter the temperature inside is barely higher than that outside, and heating a greenhouse is hard to justify in these climate-aware times.

There is a type of greenhouse that overcomes this problem, however, and although it is popular in North America, it is almost unheard of in the UK. This is the passive solar greenhouse, or just solar greenhouse. These structures combine glass walls with a high level of insulation, so that very little of the captured warmth escapes. This makes them

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Grow a mix of hedgerow species so you can explore even more recipes in the kitchen. ■ ELDERBERRY: Elderberries can grow much taller than you, so they aren’t suitable for small gardens. That said, they offer both flowers and fruits for wine-making, an
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■ Reclaimed timber is used in this project. You could also repurpose a solid drawer for the base and fit Perspex to size. You can use new timber, or timber of a different size to suit your space. ■ Plug the soil cable into a safe electricity supply.
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