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If you want to be really adventurous, here are six salad plants that you are unlikely to find on the supermarket shelves and are rarely seen in farmers’ markets.


A mild-flavoured summer leaf, valuable in

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Nutpecker, from Grumpy Gardener, is an innovative new way of feeding garden birds. Packed with protein, oils, calcium and seeds, Nutpecker peanut butter bird food won’t fall to the ground, so no seeds will germinate and no rodents are attracted. The
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Like many of your readers I recycle many of the plastic containers I accumulate, but I find plastic drinks bottles hard to cut up. I’ve found the answer with milk bottles, which are very easy to cut with a sturdy pair of scissors. Here they are prote
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Many experts believe that through the overuse of chemical fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides and heavy tillage we have unwittingly devastated those soil organisms essential to plant health. These soil microorganisms, particularly bacteria and fungi,