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“I live by this simple rule: food must stimulate the senses, looking and tasting fantastic”

Just because you’ve made a choice to omit or decrease meat or fish from your diet doesn’t mean you necessarily have inactive taste buds! I feel vegetarians are often treated with contempt. For instance, as much as I love a mushroom risotto or a mozzarella, tomato and basil salad, I am always amused to see how many restaurants only offer these dishes as their vegetarian choice. As a chef, I’ve always ensured that there are enticing vegetarian dishes on my menus. Many of them appear in my book, with not a nut loaf in sight. It will appeal to vegetarians, carnivores and pescatarians alike. In fact, I hope you are inspired – whether you’re a vegetarian or simply someone who wants to add more vegetables to your diet.

A recipe is so much more than a list of ingredients. It’s about bringing those ingredients together in harmony and letting them come

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Super Seeds For 2020!
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Do It Now
■ Cauliflower heads swell rapidly on winter varieties sown in late spring and all plants from one sowing tend to come ready within a short space of time. Bend leaves over the curds to keep them white – they turn brown if exposed to light for too long