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Motorcycle Sport & Leisure3 min read
Test fleet: Suzuki V-Strom 1000XT
How many of us are riding the wrong bikes, just out of habit? I'm a sports bike nut, but there's nowhere left to ride them. The main routes are choked beyond belief and so crowded with speed cameras that you could lose your licence in one short ride
Motorcycle Sport & Leisure6 min read
Istanbul Bound
Motorcycling in Europe nowadays is relatively safe and easy. You don't have to negotiate borders; petrol is readily available; currency is easy; if you break down you just ring your insurance and someone comes to you. It is low risk and comfortable..
Motorcycle Sport & Leisure4 min read
Iron Butt
I have been doing quite a bit of trucking bikes this year. Hire bikes that were needed for tours starting in Berlin, Prague and other cities meant delivering them out using our truck and trailer. An unusual experience for me, at least. Eight hundred