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Test fleet: Suzuki V-Strom 650XT


It’s that time of year again. It’s odd, I know full well planetary movement dictates considerable climate change. Even so, the lower temperatures and fewer hours of light it brings still cause me despondence each and every time. It’s the 58th occasion I’ve experienced it, though thankfully these days I’m better equipped than ever to deal with that disagreeable

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Motorcycle Sport & Leisure7 min read
Nordkapp The Long Way Up
We had it planned for about six months. I was in charge of maps, Robin was in charge of speed, Teng would meet us halfway, and Carl would make sure his relatives in Sweden would put us up as we passed through. Our Nordkapp trip was go! Then Robin dec
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A New Top Gun?
As you’ll see from the brief report of last year’s model later in this issue (p.94), the previous iteration of the Z1000SX was a rather impressive machine, and will make for a wonderful purchase on the second-hand market. However, for 2020, Kawasaki
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Give It A Go
We’ve had a long, well-documented relationship with Moto Gymkhana. From our first practice session, we were sold on the gravity-defying motorcycle sport out of Japan. And to show you just how much of a blast you can have firing it round some cones in