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Government Backs NRM Expansion With £18.5m Grant For Gallery & Exhibition Space
THE Government has backed plans for a massive transformation of the National Railway Museum with an £18.5 million boost. The grant, announced by Culture Secretary Nicky Morgan on October 11, means that the York museum now has over half of the £55 mil
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Ross-on-Sever N
Ross-on-Wye station was opened on June 1, 1855 by the Hereford, Ross & Gloucester Railway. Built slightly to the north of the town, it was the terminus of the Ross & Monmouth Railway, which joined the Hereford, Ross & Gloucester just south of the sta
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Corfe Castle: The Ultim Ate Heritage Setting?
It is impossible to guess the origin of the name of magnificent stone village of Corfe Castle in Dorset, for it is exactly what it says – a settlement that grew up around an 11th-century fortification, which towers above the surrounding countryside,