All Lubed Up


“When I arrived at FUCHS Silkolene I’d expected a hard corporate sell, nothing could have been further from the truth.”

With a lifetime in the oil industry and an obsession with two-stroke motocross, there are few people in the UK better qualified to talk to about two-stroke oil than Andy Brown, UK automotive technical manager FUCHS Silkolene. On arecent visit to the firm’s headquarters, I took the opportunity to pose the questions that appear on every forum and gain insight into what makes a good two-stroke oil.

“The biggest problem with engine lubrication is the bloke down the pub,” begins Andy “They’re a mixed blessing. On one hand they may have run an engine on a certain type of oil for years and that’s good knowledge to have; on the other, two-stroke riders tend to be more concerned with whether they’ve seized than about the long-term effects on an engine. It’s usually in the long term that differences between oils become apparent.”

SC: Because it has to do

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