First encounters

I first met Kev Hawkes and the other members of Wicked Willy’s SC at the Burton Brewers Scooter Club do, where Kev won the 'ridden-in' element of the custom show with his Series 3 Lambretta ‘L’Ombra’.

Later that year I saw Kev again at the VMSC extravaganza. It was there that Kev introduced me to his son Tom and explained that Tom was getting excited about the scooter build they were planning, to get the lad fixed up with his first scooter. Enthusiastically, Tom said: “I can’t wait, I’ve always been really interested in Dad’s scooters and the scooter scene in general. I study catering at college and I’ve a part-time job in a café, which is helping me save up for the scooter.”

A smashing start

Kev himself has been into scooters since the age of 14. The main influence, which drew him into the scene was his brother Keith. Kev said: “One year, when Keith went on holiday he left his Primavera in the garden. As he was leaving he warned me not to go on it, but of course that meant I had to. When he’d gone I took it out and fell off it! I smashed all his mirrors, and when he got home

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