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TT racing – American style

That was the heading (‘TT racing – American style’) on an article in the September 19, 1957 edition of The Motor Cycle, in which American Jack Mercer explained to the largely British audience just what ‘TT’ meant in America.

The story was accompanied by pictures too, including this one, which shows some of the Stateside stars in action, with Al Gunter leading the field on his Gold Star, ahead of like-mounted Dick

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The Classic MotorCycle3 min read
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Given my role here, it’s probably not surprising that I’m sensitive to the misuse of written English, and perhaps the most aggravating instance is the so-called greengrocers’ apostrophe, when the poor little ‘mid-air comma’ is recklessly pushed into
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A touring Triumph
At first glance, the photograph asks more questions than it answers, with a particularly intriguing scene taking place. In the foreground, a 1951 Triumph TR5 Trophy can be seen fitted with some rather dusty and thoroughly used luggage. The TR5 was ba