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Hammer time!

The very best thing about motorcycle auctions is that they are exciting. They are also, entertaining, involving, thought-provoking and fascinating. Those are the best things. They are also the worst things. Strange but true.

Motorcycle auctions – this is a motorcycle magazine, and although auctions of second-hand furniture and piggy banks, so forth, may

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The Classic MotorCycle4 min read
Straight And Narrow
Aged 18, I was shown by my father, Oskar, the resulting mayhem caused in an engine rebuilt with one or more bent conrods. Albeit it was a car engine, the graphic example has lived with me through over 50 years of motorcycling. The car, a Porsche 356
The Classic MotorCycle2 min read
The Forgotten Offering
JA Prestwich and Co. Ltd, Northumberland Park, Tottenham, announced it was entering the two-stroke proprietary engine market in August 1923, launching a 147cc (55x62mm) three-port deflector piston engine. In a move some stated was ‘…to distance thems
The Classic MotorCycle8 min read
What Might Have Been
Big names like Douglas, Triumph and Zenith might have dominated the scene before the First World War, but that didn’t stop anyone with a passion for speed from building a motorcycle and putting a new name on the petrol tank. And that’s just what Char