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A reasonable pre-entry was boosted with numerous day entries for The National Sprint Association’s first event of the year at Westonzoyland, Somerset, on May 12/13.

There’s enough runway left at the

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The Classic MotorCycle1 min read
Artist On Location
From the early days of motorcycling, right through to the 1970s, the artist was an important part of the press process, but rarely do we get to see the men behind the work, which makes this an interesting picture. Depicted is Manx artist John H Nicho
The Classic MotorCycle2 min read
A Forgotten Option
A brief summary of the sporting, financial, manufacturing and business restructuring leading to the launch of the British Anzani two-stroke twin cylinder motorcycle engine could fill a chapter, or even a book! Ultra-briefly… Alexandre Anzani, son of
The Classic MotorCycle2 min read
Editor’s Welcome
What’s your favourite motorcycle of all time? And by what criteria would you judge or base it? Would you go for something that you’re sentimentally attached to – or something you’ve always aspired to and never attained? A dream machine or a dream rea