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The Classic MotorCycle2 min read
Editor’s Welcome
When I was a boy, in between drawing tiny pictures of Vincents (10p piece for wheels was usual) and daydreaming about what I’d love to own when I grew up (more Vincents, SS100 Broughs, cammy Velos, Gold Stars, racy Sunbeams, Rex-Acmes, maybe the usua
The Classic MotorCycle3 min read
Doug Hele
Douglas ‘Doug’ Lionel Hele, was born on July 13, 1919, three years after his father had moved the family from Cornwall to Birmingham. Men like Hele senior– formerly a gardener – flocked to the city to seek employment and the move enabled him to take
The Classic MotorCycle4 min read
Mark, Mortimer And The Moto-chariot
Kempton Park Race Course (horses, not bikes)was established more than 140 years ago, but for the last 30 of those, it has also been a venue for motorcycle jumbles. It quickly became a popular occasion, drawing traders and private sellers, and buyers,