Compared with the rest of the world, Australia is considered a relatively new country at just 116 years old since Federation. When it comes to coffee growing, we’re also one of the youngest industries.

There have been just 25 seasons of growing

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Mazzer Founder Luigi Mazzer began developing coffee grinders in 1948 from his precision-mechanic workshop near Venice, Italy with one goal in mind: to create the best possible professional-grade coffee grinders. Since then, Mazzer has kept that promi
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Scaling Up
Much like baking, brewing requires detailed measurements to achieve accurate results, including precise water temperature and volume, and the particular coarseness of the ground coffee. To help measure such variables, scales are a barista’s best frie
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Often, the journey is as important as the destination. Especially when it takes 26 hours and four flights to get from New Zealand to Berlin for the World Coffee Championships. I talked to Hoony Chae about his experience representing NZ at the World L