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Paint Brushes 101

Having visions of becoming the modern Monet of water colour? Then you’d know a short handled Kolinsky would be a fine choice. Of course if traditional oil portraiture is more your style, you’d know a longer handled hog is probably a better buy. However, if you don’t know a goat or sable about artist brushes then here are a few basics to give you some confidence around the art store and your canvas.

As you already know paint brushes come in various forms to suit different genres and mediums but there are some characteristics that remain the same. The overall body of a brush for example is fairly standard. There’s the handle, the crimp, the ferrule and the brush. Handles are commonly made of wood but sometimes plastic, and vary in length. Generally, short handled brushes are for water colour or ink and long handled brushes are for oils and acrylic.

The silvery mid section holding the brush to the handle is called

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