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My Art is my Passion!

I have always done some sort of creative pursuit, but my art has manifested into a desire and a passion I cannot live without. I used to draw when I was a child as far back as I can remember. My first encounter with painting was more than 20 years ago when I started going to what was then known as ‘Folk Art”. I found myself getting very absorbed with this, but it was by chance that a woman did a workshop on how

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Artist's Back to Basics4 min read
Colour in Flight
Using saral paper and the line drawing transferred onto tracing paper apply the design to the canvas. Squeeze generous quantities of paint onto your palette, as this style of painting requires plenty of paint. Line up Cadmium Yellow Medium, Pthalo Gr
Artist's Back to Basics6 min read
Brush Strokes
Somewhere (perhaps in these pages in this magazine) I devoted an article to understanding your paintbrushes. I made a suggestion that there were three “fundamental” processes that affected the marks made by almost all paintbrushes. • The amount of pr
Artist's Back to Basics6 min read
5 Stages of Line Drawing
When talking about the nature of the actual lines that are used when drawing any freehand composition, there are to my way of thinking five clearly separate stages you go through to take your layout from a blank piece of paper to the precise and accu