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In Awe of the Landscape

Travelling and our family’s love of four-wheel drive adventures led me on my journey to create plein air artworks. To create whilst travelling has been a challenge and an absolute joy, a feeling most artists would be able to resonate with.

Over the years, watercolour has been my preferred medium to capture our travels. A picturesque record of the places we have explored. Using watercolours has been convenient. I have been able to complete quick sketches, and it has been lightweight to carry whilst on the road, which is perfect for a travelling artist who is in awe of the great Australian landscape.

"A picturesque record of the places we have explored."

I admit there have been challenges, as watercolours can be unpredictable; they have a life of their own; and at times I have had to create using limited materials, be wary of time, and adjust to weather conditions.

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