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"Deep End of the Pool- part 4"

It always starts and ends in the brain this art stuff. Here’s the bit of the really deep end that involves the grey mushy stuff. It’s all exactly what goes on in my head all the time, every day at the drawing board. You’re lucky I’m even sharing such personal stuff really but part of the weird is the start and finish. If I tell you how to draw straight lines I have to tell the whole rest of the story or none of its any good to any of us. Here we go then....

Care Factor Standard

As soon as you let slip the tiniest thing you saw but didn’t act on (but knew you could have) the whole aspect slips back a notch to the new ‘. When this happens during a drawing it severely limits the potential quality from that point on as it infests the standard of every other tiny mission or adjustment on the drawing . So the earlier in the process it happens, the sooner it starts to wash across the entire drawing with inevitably disastrous consequences, and the sooner a new crap factor is established (i.e. the ability to accept a crappy drawing as being good enough). To do freehand hyper-realism at all well you have to be ratcheting the care factor always upward and only letting eyesight, steadiness of hand, and the physical limitations of the medium limit your potentially until no pebble has been left unturned concerning line, overall and individual proportions, tonal, and detail preparation work.

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