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Bendigo Art Gallery

Established in 1887, Bendigo Art Gallery is the largest regional gallery in Australia, presenting a dynamic temporary exhibition program alongside highlights from its extensive permanent collection. The Gallery has experienced monumental changes in recent decades, with major redevelopments providing generous contemporary spaces for exhibitions of national and international significance, and an array of balanced and inclusive public programs, events and educational opportunities for visitors of all ages.

The city of Bendigo is firmly positioned within Australian history as a major area of gold mining activity during the early 1850s. It was due in no small part to this period of wealth and prosperity that the Gallery was founded, encouraged by a groundswell of public

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Depicting People
I first decide what it is I am attempting to achieve. I need to interview the subject and decide what characteristics of the subject I wish to express. I need to consider the attitude/disposition, facial features, clothing/uniform; and the social, pr
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Setting Up Your Space
Along, long time ago in the land of brown robed Christian Brothers and black and white Nuns, I lived in a world of Times Tables, Logic, English Grammar and the monotonous repetition of historical dates and facts. In this world, Art took a back seat o
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Artists’ Canvas And Other Substrates
A unique and beautiful pastel support available is the premium quality Schmincke Sansfix pastel paper. Prepared on 360gsm acid free paper, the superfine coating of grit on the surface allows layers and layers of pastel to be put down – whilst retaini