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The Keen Observer

I have always been a keen observer of the natural and man-made world. I loved drawing as a child but did not start oil painting until age twenty in a night class in an art supply shop. My chosen career then was structural drafting, and painting was of course a hobby. I travelled the outback extensively in 1989 and 1991 but never painted for I was just as keen a photographer. In 1993 I then turned to a university degree in geology, for it was always a passion of mine to understand the physical processes of the Earth and how it came to be as we see it today. It was a career that got me back to the bush where I enjoyed being, and painting took a place on the

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Artist's Back to Basics8 min read
Magic Pencil Tricks
When it comes to freehand drawing, the pencil in your hand is so much more than simply the means of making marks on the paper. It’s also an absolutely indispensible tool that allows you to make any number of proportional judgements in the course of t
Artist's Back to Basics4 min read
Down the Barcoo
• East Art stretched canvas – 30 x 40 inches. • Atelier Gesso Primer – White. • Winsor & Newton Artists’ Oil Colours. • Floor easel. • Sandpaper – P240 and P400. • Faithful gesso brush. • Vine charcoal. • Kneadable eraser. • Workable Matt Fixative. •
Artist's Back to Basics3 min read
Setting Up Your Space
Along, long time ago in the land of brown robed Christian Brothers and black and white Nuns, I lived in a world of Times Tables, Logic, English Grammar and the monotonous repetition of historical dates and facts. In this world, Art took a back seat o