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Are you looking for something to give you an edge? Then try GENESIS HEAT SET PAINTS.

With all the pressures of busy schedules and upcoming deadlines, it can often be hard to achieve perfection. Genesis Heat Set Oil Paints could just be your saviour. With these paints you can choose to keep working long into the night and not have to wait hours or days for your paint to dry. Or, if you can only grab a few minutes here and there, you can just pick up your palette and brushes and get to work, then down tools and run to catch that bus. No need to mix up a fresh batch of paint every time you want to paint.

Mixed up the wrong colour? No worries, just put it in a glass jar and it will keep indefinitely, just waiting to be used in another painting. Scrape off your used palette and store the paint for another project. With these paints you have minimal waste - an important feature for those on a budget. With excellent coverage capability they are economical to use. Another bonus is they never dry (at least until heat is applied), so you won’t end up with lots of dried out tubes.

Genesis Heat-Set Oil Paints are a unique paint which offers a non toxic, odour free and non allergenic product as well as an unparalleled level of control when it comes to drying time.

Genesis Heat-Set Oil Paint gives you the two ‘bests’ in an artist’s medium, allowing you to work the way you choose to. With traditional oils the length of drying time means we can lose our momentum in getting our ideas and thoughts onto

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