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What is an Etching ?


• Etching plate (zinc or copper).

• Burnisher Scraper. (curved).

• Sharpening stone (Carborundum).

• Light machine (for sharpening).

• Acid trays (plastic or stainless steel).

• Nitric acid.

• Glass measuring cup.

• Hard ground.

• Soft ground.

• ‘Wet and dry’ sandpaper (very fine, and coarse).

• Fine steel wool.

• Metal cleaner (Brasso).

• Tarlatan cloth and rags.

• Whitening powder.

• Alcohol and mineral turpentine.

• Brushes: Two-inch Flat for grounds; Number 3 or 4 Pointed for stopping out.

• Pencils and litho crayons (soft).

• Tracing paper.

• Carbon paper.

• Metal files (coarse and fine).

• Hotplate.

• Rosin (powder or lump).

The process of etching involves biting lines and textures

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