Artist's Drawing and Inspiration

Solemn Pup


• Reference photos
• Ruler (if using a grid)
• Stonehenge Paper White 245gsm
• HB Pencil
• Copy paper to rest your hand
• Derwent eraser for use with graphic pencils
• Faber Castell sharpener with large and small holes
• National Art Materials Workable Fixative

Polychromos pencils

• 101 – White• 105 – Ivory• 130 – Dark Flesh• 132 – Light Flesh• 176 – Van Dyck Brown• 178• 179 – Bistre• 180 – Raw Umber• 182 – Brown Ochre• 184 – Dark Naples Ochre• 187 – Burnt Ochre• 189 – Cinnamon• 199 – Black• 233 – Cold Grey• 270– Warm Grey

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