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Paul Miles
IS THERE EVEN SUCH A THING ANYMORE? I NOW live in rural Dorset, a place much like the English countryside I recall from visits, growing up in London in the 1970s. Back then, riders always waved to each other as they passed and if you ever saw a bike
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What’s On
2 VMCC (Essex Section) Midweek Run: Tesco Car Park, Maldon. Tel. Dave Overy 01621 893450. 2 VMCC (Dorset section) Lunch Meet: Henstridge Golf and Leisure, Marsh Lane, Henstridge, Somerset BA8 0TG. Tel. 01258 860864. 4 NOVEMB
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Jock Wilson: ISDT legend
PETER ‘JOCK’ WILSON, the ISDT legend who ran the British Vase and Trophy teams from 1978-1997 and built the AJS and Triumphs that triumphed in Fifties and Sixties competition, has died at the age of 85. Peter Cameron Wilson was born in Scotland on Ja