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Note to self – be happy with what you’ve got

AS YOU MAY well do, I scout the classifieds, checking those small ads for the chance of finding that perfect bike before anyone else gets the chance; it tickles my ageing fancy. I also check the dealer ads, I check the auctions and even the scary world of eBay. For what? Well, to be

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Classic Bike Guide8 min read
THE IMPACT OF THE ROYAL CORPS OF Signals Motorcycle White Helmets Display Team on British motorcycle competition in the 1950s can’t be overstated. Many members of the team became highly competitive on track, on trials courses and on scrambles mud. Bu
Classic Bike Guide1 min read
Watsonian’s Classic Combos
SIDECAR MANUFACTURER WATSONIAN have launched new sidecars for modern classics from Triumph and Royal Enfield. A Prescott sidecar has been created for use with the 1200cc Triumph Bobber Black. The combo featured the popular Prescott body shell, based
Classic Bike Guide7 min read
Honda Cbx 750
IMAGINE THIS: BACK IN 1984 A YOUNG MAN NAMED Marvin Nicholls stared through the window of a motorcycle shop, with his face pressed against the glass. Eagerly, he lusted after a gleaming, red, black and chrome Honda CBX 750 that was rotating slowly on