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To maintain forward motion

’ve pretty much kept out of this whole ‘stop’ ‘no-stop’ debate where trials riding has been concerned, but have been goaded into placing my opinion on record… it is my opinion rather than that of . To recap, the whole trials thing didn’t start out as a sport, but as a method for manufacturers in the hot-bed of ingenuity, development and invention which was the late Victorian period, to demonstrate their machines worked. They did this by arranging their test riders – in those

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...unit Beezer
BSA’s unit MXers were developed when the comp department at the factory realised the Gold Star was on its limit as a serious racer. Yes, Jeff Smith was still winning on his but that says more about him than the bike. The world was changing, lighter b
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Penton Motorcycles A legendary American brand
In 1966 Penton had become the Husqvarna East distributor, based in Ohio. “Edison Dye had the rights to the whole United States, and dad (John) signed a subcontract with Edison. Dad had started out on an old Harley, and that didn’t work at all. He rod
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Candlesticks, Jampots And Tellies…
To hear AMC enthusiasts talk, or to come in halfway through a conversation, you could be forgiven for thinking household appliances were being discussed. Tellies are a reference to front forks and the term is applicable not only to AMC machines but a