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The Making Of silver Dream Racer
Forty years on from the hugely complex task of filming it, director David Wickes and star David Essex tell Classic Racer the inside story on the making of the film. With a budget equivalent to £20 million in today’s money, and one of the biggest pop
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Win This Amazing New Shoei Glamster Helmet Worth £399.99!
It’s so new that these won’t be in the shops until March 2020 (so you’ll have to wait for yours until then if you’re our lucky winner), but you can bet that the beautiful new Glamster is going to be an instant modern classic and it’s certainly up to
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... please do. We read every letter, email and comment sent to us and we enjoy hearing from you whether you’ve an event coming up, a motorcycle you own or you just want to let us know about something you find interesting in Classic Racer’s world. Dea