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Now then, this has been a subject many of my peers have, with varying degrees of success and failure, been studiously avoiding over recent weeks. Me, though? Nah, I’ll tackle it head on! I’m referring to the decision of some sports to remove brolly girls, or walk-on girls, or similar, from their sporting activities. Where some lead, many

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Naked Aggression
What do you do if you have already left all of your sportsbike competition trailing in your wake? You up the ante, rip the fairing off your superbike and create a super naked – naturally. Well, that’s what BMW did in 2014 as they unleashed the S1000R
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James Powell – No Limits Racing’s Tyre Guru
“The CompK as a tyre has been around for a very long time, and was originally aimed as an entry level trackday slick. It had its limitations and never really set the world alight, but then things changed. In 2018 we got word of a new iteration of Com
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How Do You Like ‘Yours’?
When you buy yourself a bike you have to ask yourself an important question: do you keep everything bog standard, or do you go down the bling-bling route? If you do decide to kit your bike up to the high heavens there are literally thousands of parts