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Cut and shut

Hello again! First off, I hope you liked my first article a few issues ago, where this aging racer has decided to relive times way-back-when!

To recap, I won the 1989 British Supersport Championship on a Yamaha FZR600 and want to build a – well – ’homage’ I suppose is the best thing to call it. It’s going to be fairly faithful to the original but have some upgraded/better parts. So, what’s occurring this month?

Well, the tiny lithium-ion battery worked a treat once it was charged. I figured I’d give the old girl a go, so I changed the plugs for

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Classic Motorcycle Mechanics5 min read
Game Changer
I have come up with a new game. I don’t think anyone has a patent along similar lines yet, so that might be worth consideration. I have named it ‘Hunting for Neutral’. Whilst anyone with a motorbike can play, there are bound to be many fine CMM reade
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I like riding in any conditions bar ice, so for the winter months I always arm myself with layers and heated kit. The premium vest and armoured gloves from Keis that I wore last winter were a good choice. The vest is made of thin and stretchy materia
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics3 min read
It’s All About The Deal John...
I do love a deal: who doesn’t? In my dull existence I’ve dealt bikes for work, I’ve swapped an engine for a new pick-up bed and on a couple of occasions I’ve swopped my personal toy (on one occasion my Pontiac Firebird 400 and on another, my beloved