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Classic Motorcycle Mechanics2 min read
Copycat Or Quirky Cool?
This is what’s been going through my head this month while putting together CMM. This month’s main test is the – perhaps – undervalued and overlooked Suzuki GS750, a bike many claimed was a bit of a Kawasaki rip-off, replicating many of the Big K’s t
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics6 min read
Project Triumph CRK Café Racer part 4 Damn and blast!
You know what it can be like. Leave a decision to the next day and chances are you’ll wake up in the middle of the night with a start and can’t sleep until you’ve wrestled with the problem. After a part dry build of the Café Racer Kits (CRK) 1200 pro
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics5 min read
The Final Build
I feel that owning and riding a classic bike gives me a proper ‘seat of the pants’ riding experience without the need for ABS, traction control, electronic throttles or a multi-coloured LCD dash. When I ride my 1970s two-strokes they feel crisp and r