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Monster Raving LOOMY!


It’s probably fair to say that few of us get any real pleasure out of mucking about with the electrical systems of our machines.

Many of us probably regard the rat’s nest inside our headlamps, fairing and frames as something akin to magic coloured string and we’re just

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Classic Motorcycle Mechanics2 min read
What To Buy And How Much To Pay
Avoid at all costs any XS650 in boxes and especially so if the bike has been subjected to any form of customisation. Yamaha’s big twin is back in vogue with the hipster element and there are far too many being bastardised. A properly customised XS6
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The Origin Of The YD Species
Like many of the key Japanese motorcycles, Yamaha looked to the West for inspiration when building their first machines. The 1955 YA-1 (below), known as the Aka-tombo or Red Dragonfly, was an unashamed copy of the German pre-war DKW RT125. Given th
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Bike-friendly Forecourts!
How many times have you pulled up at the fuel pumps and almost dumped your pride and joy? How many times have you tried to use the air-line to pump up your tyres and found that it’s a bugger to get the adaptor on? Well, maybe it’s time we took a leaf