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One thing big Zeds have been much maligned for over the years is poor handling.

Whether it was the tyres of the day or whatever, even I have to reluctantly admit that the frames are a tad bendy.

So, it makes sense that – if you’re going to tune the motor – you should go down the route of stiffening the frame. There are various methods, including buying yourself some tube and plate and having a go at making bracing where you consider it will do most good, but I went down the easy road of buying a tried and tested PMC kit. PMC is a Japanese company that specialises in producing replica and upgrade parts for classic bikes and they have a massive range of Zed goodies. I buy PMC products from Z Power who can supply anything from the PMC catalogue and give discounts to members of the Z1 Owners Club.

Once everything is clean and degreased, the various components of the kit need to be placed on the frame in the position dictated by the supplied diagram. I found that

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