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A split market?


The market for classic Japanese and Italian motorcycles is now dividing in two. The machines that are perfect in every detail are rapidly increasing in value. However, those that are ‘bitsas’ and not investment grade are losing some value and will stagnate by comparison. As values increase, buyers are becoming far more

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Classic Motorcycle Mechanics5 min read
Cog Swopping
As those sensible enough to read every issue of this august organ will be aware, I made a very poor judgement in my investment in a two-wheeled triple oil burning stove from my favourite Japanese motorcycle maker, Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI). T
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics4 min read
Yamaha RZV500R part 2 Fool’s Gold!
As I write this I’m a little peed off as I feel that my mate got ripped off buying this RZV. He is well known as a bike collector, with bikes in various museums, garages, shops and at home. He is a hard-working, honest person that trusted the dealer
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics2 min read
Super Stafford!
There is so much to look forward to at this year’s 26th Carole Nash Classic Motorcycle Mechanics show. We have no less than TWO guests of honour for this show – Allen Millyard and Steve Webster. Allen is no stranger to either the show or CMM. He’s