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Drinks Everyone?


Beading thread – medium bonded Nylon


15 gm in total Size 6 Seed beads one colour or 7.5gm each for 2 colours

1 x 8mm Round red pressed glass bead

2 x Green Glass Leaves


Size 10 Beading Needle

Small Thread Scissors

Clear Nail Polish for sealing knots


1 x 28 ga reel of Red Beading wire

1 x 28 ga reel of Green Beading wire


28g Size 8 Red Silver Lined Seed Beads

38g Size 8 Green Silver Lined Seed Beads


Wire Cutters



Threading Method

Cut 2 metres of thread place on beading needle. Place a stop bead approximately 30cm from the end by threading 2 or 3 times through the bead so it doesn’t slide along, this will hold work in place, then leave an end to weave in. Tip: Later this bead will be removed. Peyote stitch must be tightened firmly each row


Rows 1 & 2

Thread – 1-Colour 1(C1) seed bead, 1-Colour 2 seed bead(C2), 1-C1, 1-C2, 1-C1, 1-C2, 1-C1, 1-C2. These 8 beads will form Rows 1 and 2.

Row 3

Turn work thread 1-C2 then through 7th bead on Rows 1&2, 1-C2 then 5th

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