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A Renewable Source


• Wood
• Glass (great if they have been washed ashore and have a lovely smooth texture)
• Old plastics
• Second hand beads
• Shells
• Drift wood
• Washed up corral
• Seeds
• Stones

ARE RENEWABLE SOURCES the way of the future? One hundred years ago people reused and recycled as much as possible, but a term that is used often to describe today’s modern world is ‘throw away society’. We need to change this – not only for future generations but simply out of respect for the earth.

There are many people who are doing their part to help Mother Nature – by car pooling, using compost bins and recycling cans for example, but recycling can even extend to the world of fine jewellery and beading.


Natascha Wernick has been using recyclable and renewable sources for her jewellery since childhood and knows all too well the importance, and beauty they add to our world.

“When I was a young girl, my grandmother and I used to bead under the trees

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