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Macramé: Knot A Problem!
DEFINED AS A FORM of decorative knotting, macramé has been used for centuries, with carvings of the Assyrians and Babylonians depicting the use of knots for decorations, and from around 1200AD the Arabs began to use an early form of the western macra
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Jaffa Necklace
3m Silver wire 22 gauge. 2 x silver base metal cord foldable ends 1 x jump ring 1 x hook clasp 50cm x 1mm brown cotton cord 5 x large brown resin beads 3 x oval flat orange resin beads 5 x amber bean resin beads 3 x round amber resin beads 3 x round
Creative Beading Magazine5 min read
Samantha And Her Beads …
SAM CANDIDLY ADMITS that she only started making jewellery by chance. Her younger daughter Natalie used to be quite heavy-handed with her little bracelets and necklaces, and Sam was constantly fixing all the bits and pieces. Sam found she enjoyed wor